Wealth management goes beyond simply saving & investing. Our advisors at Trubee Wealth Advisors will provide comprehensive tax guidance to optimize your wealth, ensuring every dollar is working efficiently for your future.

How We Do It

Evaluate your personal tax situation and develop tax-efficient strategies for both immediate and long term implications. 

We collaborate closely with you and your accountants.

We evaluate the tax consequences of financial decisions like the sale of assets, gifting, and transfers. 

Tax Planning

Tax planning involves analyzing one's income and expenses, identifying tax deductions and credits, and creating a plan to optimize tax benefits. Tax planning is important because taxes can be a significant expense, and reducing tax liability can help individuals keep more of their hard-earned money.

The first step in tax planning is to analyze one's income and expenses. This includes understanding the different types of income, such as wages, investment income, and business income, and identifying tax deductions and credits that may be available.

Once income and expenses have been analyzed, tax planning involves creating a plan to optimize tax benefits. This can include maximizing deductions and credits, deferring income, and accelerating expenses. For example, contributing to a retirement account can help reduce taxable income, while prepaying property taxes can help increase deductions.

Overall, tax planning is an important part of financial planning. By analyzing income and expenses, identifying deductions and credits, and creating a plan to optimize tax benefits, individuals and businesses can minimize tax liability and keep more of their money. Working with a tax professional can be helpful in creating a comprehensive tax plan that meets individual needs and goals.

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Disclaimer: Trubee Wealth Advisors is not a tax advisor. Consult with your tax advisor prior to taking any action.

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